Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've never had sex with an animal before. What's that like?

    In short, it has all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.
    Our pussy cats are ravenously hungry for affection and often initiate encounters themselves.
    They do not speak, so even if they had baggage, or undiagnosed neuroses, you won't hear about it.
    They are even much cleaner as it is well know that an animal's orifice contains fewer germs than that of a person.
Afterwards they snuggle and purr like any happy, satisfied creature.

Q. Does it feel differently than a real girl?

    No. Since there's no difference on a genetic or physical level between our pussies and a girl's vagina, we assure you that if you were blin
d folded and restrained, you could not tell the difference while in utero.
    In fact, all our pussy cats come with a genuine, intact hymen which is your guarantee that you are the first and only tomcat your pussy has ever known.
    Although, the feline body temperature is naturally higher than a humans, this will only add to your pleasure when using your pussy cat.

Q. Won't they scratch/bite/resist?

    No. For one, our pussies have all been de-clawed, spayed, and had their eyeteeth removed at our laboratory before you ever get them.
    But more importantly, our all-male staff of breeders and trainers has bred them to be the sweetest, most loving, furry little muffs you've ever stroked in your life. They literally love affection and the more often you give it to them, the more they'll desire you and your contact.

Q. Is this legal?

    We recommend you follow all laws and regulations of your own country or area. But simply owning an animal is no crime anywhere.
    That said, these animals are meant to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home and bedroom. Unlike farm animals (which are given to bone-breaking kicks into your most sensitive areas), pussy cats are clean, don't poop on your feet, and need no barn setting for congress.

Q. Can I breed my Pussy-Cat?

    No. All Pussy cats are spayed at our laboratory to prevent unpredictable results that result from hybrid unions.