Client Testimonials 

    "I LOVE my pussy cat. Finally, a lover I can live with AND can't live without. Now that I've had cat, I'll never go back. I'm getting it whenever I want. Take that, harpy ex-wife."
-Scott W.

    "I used to hit my filthy local massage parlor for a happy ending almost every weekend. Thanks to, that's all over now. Finally, I can go to a professional spa where I actually do get a rub down without all the innuendo, legal and health risks. I've never been more relaxed in my life!"
-Name Withheld

    "No more wasting my time and money getting shot down at the bar scene for me thanks to my pussy cat. I figure my pussy cat will pay for itself in the first year from all the drinks I no longer buy unreceptive women at the clubs!"
-Jon F.

    "I'm a doctor and it is SO nice not to view my female patients solely as potential sex objects anymore. Formerly, during every examination my hands and mind would wander sexually. It's totally changed my perspective on what women are good for."
-Todd C.

    "I used to memorize funny movie lines and repeat them endlessly to seem funny and pick up chicks. Now that I have a pussy cat to relieve my sexual tension, it is very nice to be able to just relax and not have to try so hard. Pussy Cats are the best!"
-Joel T.

    "My relationships with women have improved dramatically since I got my pussy cat. Finally, I can talk to women, look them straight in the eye and actually think about what they're saying instead of constantly imagining what it would be like to get it on with them."
-Jeff W.

    "Sneaking into farmer's pastures at night was just dumb and dangerous. Even though getting caught would have meant enormous embarrassment and probably losing my job, wife, and family, I couldn't resist. But now I can enjoy my extra-social proclivities in my own home whenever I want. No more dirty smelly sheep for me!"
-Jay B.